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Retro arcade games , dinosaur waste Fighter is back with the rest of memory .
Goldfinger to play in the game arcade to see who can be the king does not say .
Game comes with a different game - Street Fighter , you can change the options .
If you do not vibrate button , your settings options you can modify it for you .
Game story:
2513 a group of hunters coexistence of humans and dinosaurs to provide customized by the United States "Xenozoic story ", the opening animation will not attack humans on the basis of the age of dinosaurs to the proposal , but attack is the development of the plot takes place in the year , you will find a huge conspiracy , the combined changes in adults is a huge dinosaur , but after all this is the last game , Dr. Fessenden , a Gupta was in use , he forms a huge bull owned a dinosaur .
Many motor skills. Other special skills each character , conflict skills, attack skills , as well as public , combo skills . Dinosaur game is very fun , and the two aspects of indiscriminate attacks and should go down some dinosaurs in order , and I think they view it as a dinosaur leg up , stepped on it , which is really bad . In addition, a very short distance of the race , I think Cadillac will open

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